Northern Virginia Massage Center Staff

Roger Simpson: Roger is from New Zealand,and is the proud owner of Northern Virginia Massage Center and the space his business occupies. His specialty is sports massage ,deep tissue, but also realizes the body needs relaxation in order to restore a perfect balance. With 12 years experience, he has a solid knowledge of the body musculature and the many issues caused by injury, stress ,posture and lifestyle.
Roger has volunteered in clinics in the northern Virginia area and developed a deep empathy and need to help those who suffer chronic pain. He has been involved in sports most of his life and welcomes the opportunity to help athletes with their maintenance injury prevention program.

Brigitte Wiss: Although not a member of the staff Brigitte is a certified Holistic Reflexologist who works in our space and has studied at the Institute for Integrated therapies and has been practicing for 14 years. Brigitte has also completed Pranic and Reiki Healing Level 1 and 11 and is a certified healer from the Institute of Spiritual Development. Reflexology is a good preventative therapy that helps detoxify,boosts your immune system and re balances your organs,glands and emotions. This work is my passion. I am loving and dedicated to your well being. Please make an appointment for a truly unique experience. -Brigitte